This dataset is originated from 12 type of beef cuts including round (shank), top sirloin, tenderloin, flap meat (flank), striploin (shortloin), brisket, clod/chuck, skirt meat (plate), inside/outside, rib eye, shin, and fat. The process of beef spoilage is recorded using 11 Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (MOS) gas sensors during 2220 minutes. The dataset is formatted in xlsx file. Each sheet represents one beef cut which is contained columns as follows:

  • Minute: time in minute
  • TVC: continuous label in total viable count
  • Label: discrete label, 1,2,3,4 denote “excellent”,”good”,”acceptable”, and “spoiled”, respectively.
  • MQ_: the resistant value of gas sensors

The dataset can be downloaded here: e-nose_dataset_12_beef_cuts

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